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Surety Solutions tailored to your needs. 

We are a young, energetic, and experienced Veteran and Woman owned surety specific agency. Parrot Surety Services can handle bonds of all sizes and types. We have provided basic forms for download below; we also accept applications and forms from other agencies, for your convenience.

Other services we offer are bond program management and exoneration, bond lifecycle management, claims assistance, and claims dispute management. 

Please leave a message using the contact page or give us a squawk at (615) 205-5080. We are ready to work diligently for you and your business to provide surety expertise with capacity you can depend on! 

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Surety Bonds are required through various statutes and regulations to protect the public and taxpayer dollars.

Parrot Surety Services facilitates the guarantee that tax dollars of US citizens will build public infrastructure to the standards set forth in the contract, as well as pay their subcontractors and suppliers. Surety bonds are also required for licensed or permitted tradespeople guaranteeing the adherence to regulations and/or the payment of taxes for specially taxed goods such as: alcohol, cannabis, fuel, and tobacco.

Court bonds are another type of bond used in judicial proceedings for replevin, supersede-as, guardians, and administrators. Many people may need court bonds if they are the executors of a will; this bond is common as it guarantees that the executor pays the outstanding debts of the deceased and correctly distributes the inheritance as outlined in the will. 

Subdivision, completion, landfill closure, post closure, transfer stations, and waste hauling also protect the public interest by guaranteeing that new developments are appropriately suited, with sidewalks and other public infrastructure, while also ensuring that our trash/waste/recycling is picked up regularly and our landfills are contained properly as to not have any negative environmental effects, such as leakage into the surrounding groundwater. 


Applications & Forms

Available for Download

Please send any completed forms to We also accept applications or forms that have already been completed for other firms. If this is your first bond or you have any questions please give us a text or squawk at 615-205-5080.

Application (Contract)

Use this form to request Parrot Surety Services support - for contract bonds!

Application (Non-contract)

Use this form to request Parrot Surety Services support - for noncontract bonds, such as License and Permit bonds, Cannabis/Marijuana Bonds, Court Bonds, and other miscellaneous bonds.

Application Checklist

This document outlines the items needed for all new accounts in a checklist.

Bond Request Form

Use this form for your specific bond requests after filling out your application and sending over the items on the application checklist!

Bank Reference Letter

A Bank Reference Letter is produced by your existing banking institution and should give an overview of  you and/or your entities relationship with your bank. The letter should include all appropriate identifying information including your name, address, length of relationship with your bank, average balances, and current balances that give an accurate snapshot of your current and past standing with your bank.

The bank should include the name and address of the financial institution, as well as the account manager or responsible party with their contact information.


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Associated General Contractors of America


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