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Women are Smashing the Construction Industry's Concrete Ceiling

As the Baby Boomer generation retires, it is opening the door for women to lead the construction industry. Women now make up 14.1% of the construction workforce, and that's the highest that number has ever been - finally breaking the 1,000,000 women threshold.

The 3 C's of Surety Credit

This Bloomberg article notes that "record vacancies are forcing change in what's been an all-male bastion." With labor shortages we are seeing more and more women in the construction industry. The article looks at the industry changes and opportunities for growth. Read more on

Whatever the reason, we're happy to see this growth and change for the industry and women. Thank you to the National Association of Women in Construction for advocating for women throughout the industry and enabling them to break through these ceilings; "This one isn’t glass, though—it’s more like a slab of steel-reinforced concrete."


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