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Who are Surety Bond Producers

Surety Bond Producers specialize in providing surety bonds for contractors, subcontractors, and other surety bond users. A quality bond producer understands the surety product, the appetite of the surety companies, and can facilitate a lasting relationship between the principal (contractor) and the surety company.

The 3 C's of Surety Credit

Surety Bond Producers are regulated by state insurance departments and must complete a designated property and casualty licensing course, pass a proctored exam, and pass a background check to obtain licensure. As an informal addition to your team, your producer will provide invaluable business advice.

What to look for in your surety bond producer:

  • Proficiency with financial statements and ratios

  • Relationships with multiple surety companies

  • Timely response

  • Asks probing questions and is willing to have difficult conversations

  • Willingness to guide you through the bonding process

  • Industry knowledge

Your Parrot Producer will ask questions and gather information to better understand your business model, business plan, and business goals. This helps the agent assess what bond or bond program needs are required today and what size and scope of bonds may be needed in the future. With this information, the producer will have a good idea of which surety company would be the best fit for your business. Your agent should want to build a relationship with you, as this allows the producer to create a plan to maximize your surety credit and drive the best bond terms for the long run, resulting in a competitive advantage for your company.

Typical information that your Parrot Producer will request includes:

  • Application and/or Questionnaire

  • Credit Check Authorization

  • Personal Financial Statement

  • Corporate Financial Statements

  • Resumes of Key Persons

  • Bond Specific Information

  • Indemnity

The roles and responsibilities of the producer include acting as an agent to the Surety Company. This requires the producer to accurately represent all aspects of the contractor to the surety and present all available information vital to underwriting. Depending on the experience of the underwriter, the underwriting policies of the surety company, the financial strength of your company and the available indemnity, this process can have a wide range of simplicity or difficulty.

Check out our article on the 3 C's of Surety Underwriting to better understand the main components that drive surety underwriting decisions. Our quality underwriting experience at Parrot Surety Services goes deeper than any other surety agency, with experience underwriting all types of bonds and facilitating structured arrangements when required. We are a solution-oriented agency.


To get lined up with a Parrot Surety Producer or get an analysis of your financial statements and get recommendations to improve or optimize your access to surety credit, give us a squawk at 615-205-5080 or

Our expertise comes at no extra cost to you! Don't hesitate to reach out for help.

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