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Parrot Team Goes to Nashville!

October 17th-19th the Parrot team met in Nashville for the first annual team meeting. Nicole and Adam are in Nashville whereas Haley traveled from Georgia and Brianna flew in from Orlando. Monday evening, the ladies on the team met and had dinner with fellow surety colleagues where they had a wonderful and insightful conversation that included several belly laughs!

Tuesday morning the team met bright and early and yes; the whole team was bushy tailed too. They discussed the company’s 2023 plans and goals and then followed with everyone’s individual goals and ambitions for the new year as well. The team took a quick ride for lunch to a local pizza joint, Dicey’s where they enjoyed delicious hand tossed pizza. On their way out, they made sure to say goodbye to Chef Bones (pictured below) and made their way back to the designated meeting space. The team departed the meeting early to ensure everyone had enough time to get ready for a magical evening at a tucked away Nashville gem.

The Parrot team arrived at the House of Cards restaurant dressed to impress. After an exquisite meal the team went into the in-house auditorium where they were quickly intrigued in the psychological magic show going on in front of them. After the show, the team walked around to the different magic tables where they became stars in the tricks.

Wednesday morning the annual meeting was wrapped up. The Parrot team met at Pine Wood Social where they enjoyed handcrafted coffees and a delicious breakfast before going to Centennial Park. The team had fun getting their new headshots taken and then walked around the park and admired the Parthenon replica. The team said their goodbyes and Nicole, Adam, and Haley drove back home while Brianna hopped on a quick plane ride back to Orlando.

The next annual meeting’s location hasn’t been decided yet, but the team is excited to see where it might take place. We know Haley is rooting for Atlanta!


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