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  • Adam Milliren

Parrot Surety Services Announces New Logo in Support of the Construction Field and St. Patrick

March 17, 2022

by Adam Milliren

In Courthouse Bay, NC on March 17th of every year, U.S. Marine engineers from all around Camp Lejeune come together to celebrate the Patron Saint of Engineers, St. Patrick, and compete in the St. Patrick's Day Field Meet. Throughout the day, units compete in engineer and endurance related challenges including stake driving, sledge hammer concrete smashing, obstacle races, pulling heavy equipment, water transfer relay, and of course- the Commanding Officer and Sergeant Major Chariot Race. It is a magnificent celebration of all aspects of the engineer.

In support of the entire engineering community, we have chosen today to officially change our logo to include the addition of a yellow hard hat for The Parrot. The hard hat gives better context to what we do and aligns Parrot Surety Services with

who we serve: the home builders, general contractors, solar/wind/geothermal contractors, the heavy equipment operators, the highway contractors, mine owners and operators, plumbers, electricians, developers, suppliers,

subcontractors, oil well owners, and more. Parrot Surety Services is proud serve workers and companies who build America from private housing to the public roads and bridges of our vast nation!


Do you know why St. Patrick was deemed the Patron Saint of Engineers by the Catholic Church?

During his mission to spread Christianity, St. Patrick built some of the first churches in Ireland and is credited with bringing the innovation of lime mortar and the concept of arches that influenced the current architecture of traditional stone churches found across Ireland today. (The Story of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Engineers - Case School of Engineering, Case Western Reserve University)


The Parrot embodies Surety. The Parrot is known to repeat what humans say, just as a surety bond is an echo of a principal's obligations (through a surety company) for assurance to the obligee.

The hard hat signifies our participation in the construction industry and support of safety. The yellow color represents positivity: Optimism and Warmth. It is the color of happiness.

Red is a bold color of excitement and courage. It represents the founders' excitement for entrepreneurial competition, courage to challenge the normal and take on big goals.

The Parrot's green wings signify respect for the environment, and just as wings are guides for the Parrot as it soars through the sky, respect for the environment is a guide for Parrot Surety Services. The green color represents a consideration of the negative impacts humans have on the environment during economic processes and encourages clean up solutions and mitigation of future negative environmental effects. Green is the color of growth.


On St. Patrick's Day 2022, in honor of the engineer, Parrot Surety Services is officially changing the Parrot logo to reflect their service to the construction industry and support of engineers in all trades. Managing Member, Adam Milliren served two enlistments as a combat engineer in the Marines and wanted to do something to bring the Engineer Spirit he experienced in the Marines to Parrot Surety Services. Managing Member and CEO, Nicole Campbell says, "This logo better illustrates The Parrot brand and the clients we serve."

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