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  • Brianna Stephenson

The Story Behind the Parrot!

"Why the Parrot?" is perhaps the most frequently asked question we've received during our first year in business. Parrot Surety Services was the eventual name chosen by Nicole Campbell, co-founder of Parrot Surety Services. Rather than simply using a family name and a grey or blue logo like we see with many insurance or surety agencies and companies, Nicole wanted to name the agency in the spirit of surety. She wanted to make a company that was something larger than herself and this is how she eventually landed on the Parrot. When you think of a Parrot what comes to mind? Parrots are known for their unique ability to mimic or repeat words. In the same spirit, a surety bond brings the third-party surety company to mimic or repeat the contractual promises of the principal (contractor) to the obligee (project owner).

Having grown up in her father’s surety office and working there since she was 16 years old, Nicole started in the file room and worked her way up to becoming an underwriter. Nicole has since worked for multiple surety companies and worked across all lines of surety in all U.S. geographies. With her unique experience and relationships in the surety industry, there is no better agency prepared to help you with any of your surety needs.


Want to know more about the Parrot and the Parrot team?

Establish a connection with a Parrot Surety Producer and obtain recommendations to improve or optimize your access to surety credit; give us a squawk at 615-205-5080 or

Our expertise comes at no extra cost to you! Don't hesitate to reach out for help.

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